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At VDM Investments we already know that you are one of a kind. Your lifestyle, commitments and dreams are all unique to you. That’s why your Financial Planner spends time really getting to understand you and your circumstances in order to be able to guide you on one or more of the areas involved in planning for your future financial success.

Debt and cash-flow management

Debt and cash-flow management lie at the heart of financial planning and can help you achieve your particular objectives. Through this process you will set up a personal budget and gain an understanding of how you should approach settling debt in relation to your other investments.

Risk planning

Dying prematurely, becoming disabled or suffering from a critical illness are all major events that would have a substantial impact on you and your family’s financial situation. This six-step process to quantify the financial impact of these events and considers appropriate methods of managing these risks.

 You will have access to industry-leading products through your Financial Planner.

Pre-retirement planning

Most South Africans do not retire financially independent and only find out that they cannot afford to retire when it is too late. Planning for retirement considers your required income at retirement in relation to your existing provision, and quantifies any additional amounts that you must save in order to achieve your objectives. You can then decide at what age you can retire and also whether your required income at retirement is reasonable in relation to your circumstances.

Post-retirement planning

Once you have saved for retirement, the funds you have accumulated before your retirement must be invested to provide you and your dependants with an income. Planning for retirement involves analyzing your investments and considering the most tax-effective method of investing.

Our Financial Planners have access to a wide range of products, including guaranteed and flexible annuities that suit all needs and risk profiles. Your Financial Planner must gather enough information to analyse your situation and make a recommendation that is suitable for you.

Investment planning

The creation and preservation of wealth is a specialized discipline that takes into account a number of factors, including risk, taxation and liquidity. Understanding investment risk is one of the keys to investing successfully, because any investment decision implies some risk.

Asset protection (short-term insurance planning)

It is important to protect your assets against the risks of theft, fire and other damage with short-term insurance. Our Financial Planners have access to the products of Momentum Short-term Insurance that provide innovative asset protection solutions.

Education planning

A good education is a key requirement for success. Education has become very expensive and requires a specific planning focus. Education planning is the process of understanding your children’s specific education needs from a cost perspective, and then making provision to ensure that you have the funds to pay for the required education. There tends to be a focus on saving enough money to provide for education, however, you must ensure that you have funds to educate your children should you die prematurely or become disabled.

Saving for special goals

Everyone has special goals and dreams of things that he/she would like to achieve in the future, such as an overseas holiday or buying a new car. These goals involve:

    • identifying the goal
    • quantifying the amount required to achieve the goal; and
    • putting funds aside in a disciplined manner.

Your Financial Planner will recommend a solution appropriate to your risk profile and requirements.